Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my life: the introduction

ok so i figured i would start this off by talking a little bit about myself. ive been told i am very good at self proclamations so why not start there. im betting no ones even going to read this shit any time soon, but i have to begin at some point. i have to start with an introduction because i havent lived my whole life yet. ok so here it goes:

my name is marshall walker and im 24 years old. i live on a small island off the coast of georgia. its a great place to live, but it can become jaded at times. i enjoy going to the beach, and riding my bikes around on the very scenic sidewalks. but im not here to talk about the island, they can advertise on their own blogs this is my damn time.

what i love to do most is write. i am an aspiring writer and hope to one day achieve this goal. ive written over 15 short stories, a screenplay, a almost completed novel (should be done at the latest next week), and a third of another novel that i hope to complete next.

ok i think im done for now, basically what i want people to get out of this is that i am a real person, a person with hair, and eyes and sometimes i even shit.

ok bye


  1. an almost complete novel not " a almost complete novel". maybe i should be your editor. just saying!

  2. I enjoy your honesty. You are in my Google Reader!