Wednesday, May 12, 2010

im in the top 3%

i may never reach perfection, or know what its like to bounce around on the moon, or have a heart that isnt constantly divided, but i am now part of a small group. i have read over and over that only 3% of people who start on the tedious task that is writing a novel. today i am in that 3%. im not saying its the greatest novel ever, or even will ever get published. but im heads above the rest of those slackers that cant make it over the rough patches. i started the first sentence on december 6th 2009, only 5 months ago. i was even sick that first day i wrote and i knocked out 8 pages in one day, still my personally best. originally it was supposed to be a short story but i kept extending the inciting incident. so here we are now, a completed first draft of a novel. over the summer ill be editing my work, tearing it apart, and beefing up the parts that need to be fixed. so hope all goes well...

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