Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I hate you all!

i saw this on my other unused blog and i thought it was funny so i wanted to post it on here... hope you enjoy

when did we lose what made life great? the things that used to scare the shit out of us as a kids have been ruined, maybe forever. bat turning, blood sucking, kings of the night have been romanticized to the point of mockery. vampires are supposed to be badass, not some love lost high schooler. dont we have enough shitty romantic literature out there? The Notebook, which has ruined girls idea of what a man is supposed to be like is one example. i dont care what any girl says no body wants a pathetic guy like noah. one that has only one robotic function in life, to have a girl who really doesnt want him anymore. sounds great a guy making a a girl his world, but shouldnt there be more to his world then just the girl, shouldnt he take the girl along for the adventure instead of making her the adventure. thats obsessively creepy if you ask me. i walked down the romantic section of Books-a-Million today, every cover of these small yet thick "novels" had shirtless guys holding a woman up so she doesnt stumble backwards. this shit is just mental masturbation material for the single mother, living vicariously through a book so she wont take a chance on getting hurt again. fuck edward cullen! fuck that foreign looking warewolf! next, when did the walking undead become such a fucking fetish? every other month i see new and maybe even worse zombie media. it was cool when dawn of the dead came out and youd see maybe some crappy zombie movies just because they were fun. and of course youd play resident evil and shoot the hell out of some dead walkers. but now what do we really have to look forward to?

enough is enough! you are ruining our horror fun, let us want it dont force feed us it. if we dont stop this what the hell are goth kids going to dress up like to protest society? theyll have to look like normal kids and who the hell wants that?

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